United Brothers (Freres Unis)


From Left to right:

Roudy Noel, Ernst, Vladymir Sanon, Ulrick Paul, Jean Claude Adrien, Wilgais Paul, Willy Dorval, Gerald Letang
          Ebel Severe, ..., Andre Calvaire, Amazan Coudo, Pierre Exantus, Joseph Morose, Nixon Cadet
                                        Pastor Rulx Dorvilier, Emile Marsan.


United Brothers (Freres Unis) is a Social, Cultural and spiritual association at Grace Church of God. Our vision is to improve family relations and to contribute to the progress of the Church Ministry, to strengthen indivuduals in spreading the Gospel of Jesus in our Community and elsewhere.We tend our hands to those who share our views, values and vision and who wish to join us, feel free to visit us at our meeting session the first three Saturdays of each month.

Our Association structure

Administrative Committee

Joseph Ulrick Paul, President

Roudy Noel, Secretary

Gerald Letang, Treasurer